Amy Hiley Art

My philosophy is simple: to investigate philosophy by making art about it.

I couldn’t choose between the two disciplines of art and philosophy, so I decided not to, and started creating work that involved both practices simultaneously. As well as discovering that they’re not as different as you might think, I found that giving abstract concepts a visual form is actually a necessary part of my attempt at absorbing theoretical material. Each image therefore has a functional, as well as personal, significance to me, but I hope there is something meaningful (maybe philosophical, maybe not…) that can be either transmitted or evoked in the viewer by the resulting symbolic compositions, even if it’s only a bit of light pondering.

It is important to me to make the story behind each piece of work as open and transparent as possible in order to avoid the pretentiousness that often obscures the art world. Lots of the theory-based prints are therefore accompanied by an essay detailing the theory they attempt to explore and the symbolism I have tried to explore it with.

I’m a full-time artist and single mum based in the North East of England. I love being an artist mum but it’s not always easy to find ‘The Balance’ between these two mutually enriching practices! You can keep up to date with my trials and tribulations here. I love thoughts (obviously) so feel free to get in touch if you have any to share (especially questioning ones….)!